Dynamic Yoga – Exercise 1 & 2 Dynamic Yoga – Exercise 1 & 2

SWAYING PALM TREE POSE (Tiryaka Tadasana) Streamlines the waist and develops balance. Stand with feet 8 inch apart and fix eyes on a point directly in front of you. Interlock fingers and turn palms outward. Inhale deeply as you raise arms over your head. As you breathe out, bend... 

Dynamic Yoga – Exercise 3 & 4 Dynamic Yoga – Exercise 3 & 4

POSE OF THE MOON (Shashankasa) Sit on your knees with palms on thighs. Close eyes and relax, but keep spine and head straight. Inhale deeply and lift arms above head, keeping them straight and shoulder-width apart. As you breathe out, bend forward from the hips, keeping arms and... 

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History of Yoga History of Yoga

Yoga began in India 3,000 to 4,000 years ago. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit language and means, to join or integrate, or simply union. Yoga... 

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Twisting With Yoga Twisting With Yoga

You won’t need to shout aloud when you twist with yoga. Yoga makes it easy to by forcing Yogi and Yogini into visualizing their spine as the sponge. Yogic practices are outlined in a selection of new and old editions. Many writers have edited Tibet, India, Hindu, and related scrolls to deliver modern practices. Occidental nations practice yoga... [Read more of this review]

Perfect Truths About Yoga Perfect Truths About Yoga

Turbaned gurus, sing-song mantras and bodily contortions . . . the promise of true enlightenment and omphaloskepsis (contemplation of the naval) completes the cliche. But don’t knock yoga till you’ve tried it, and then only with respect. Yoga means to bind together — variously joining sun and moon, left and right, male and female,... [Read more of this review]

Beginners Yoga Video Offers Good Instruction Beginners Yoga Video Offers Good Instruction

Trying to find well-produced fitness videos that are truly suitable for beginners can be a daunting challenge. Most tapes these days aim at intermediate exercisers, the ones who know a grapevine from a box step and a lateral raise from a biceps curl. These tapes may offer a few easier moves here and there, but the instruction clearly is geared to... [Read more of this review]

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Hold Position in Yoga Hold Position in Yoga

After trying the Lotus, I noted that if you are short and are not accustom in performing stretch exercises that make the body limber, you might have difficulty performing the action to its fullest. Therefore, before you try this yoga method you will need to conduct a few exercises to loosen up the body. Lotus includes the full lotus, half lotus,... [Read more of this review]

Hatha Yoga Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is an ancient hindu system of working with the human nervous system. Because it releases tension and endows one with renewed energy, far too many 20th century people, yoga teachers included, have come to look upon the venerable Indian physical science as solely an exercise for health and vitality of mind and body. It is that, but it is... [Read more of this review]

Learning How To Practice Yoga Learning How To Practice Yoga

Today, people believe that yoga is all about experiencing pure ecstasy through the union of the mind, the soul, and the body. But most yoga practitioners and teachers would agree that apart from providing relaxation and peace, learning how to practice yoga is about the seemingly limitless capability of a person to be in control and unite with him... [Read more of this review]

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